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Client/Employee Of the Month

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Each month, Love Thyself Day Spa management staff will choose a Client of The Month and/or an Employee of The Month to be featured on our website, within our spa, and newsletter. It’s just one of the ways we show appreciation to our most loyal, supportive dear clients and outstanding spa family members. See the criteria below as to how we choose each.


(name & picture)

Why We Chose You!
(paragraph detailing the reason)
Client of The Month status is based upon –

  • Frequency of visits to LTDS
  • Number of referrals to LTDS
  • Promotion of LTDS
  • Amount spent on services & retail
  • Member vs nonmember, series or spa packages purchased
  • Online reviews/testimonials & direct feedback
  • Engagement on social media, blogs (likes, shares, comments)
  • Volunteerism & charitable donation towards our nonprofit
  • Accomplishment of wellness goals w/ LTDS in partnership
  • Personal birthday spa retreat, spa party, couples anniversary or other celebration with LTDS
  • Having LTDS provide spa wellness services at your job, business, church or other events
  • Attendance in our wellness classes & other spa events
  • New LTDS services explored, received & paid for
  • New ideas, feedback & recommendations
  • Courteous, kind, positive, patient, forgiving, friendly & fun
  • Values & appreciates our spa, our staff, our services & how hard we work
  • Cooperation & adherence to professional treatment recommendations & spa policies
  • Demonstrates care for the things we care about – holistic health, planetary consciousness, etc.


(name & picture)

Why We Chose You!
(paragraph detailing the reason)

Let It Be Known…
We value our spa family just the same, no less than we value our beloved clients. We train them, nurture, educate, listen to them, uplift and reward them. It is with pure gratitude that we thank them, each and every day, for bringing the very best in service to our customers and for contributing to our business success.

Employee of The Month status is based upon–

  • Excellence in customer care
  • Positive customer feedback
  • Number of requested & repeated clients
  • Number of recommendations & referrals
  • Participation in customer education, formal & informal
  • Promotion & contribution to the growth of LTDS – public relations, marketing & retail sales
  • Self Improvement – professional skills, formal & informal education
  • Promotes & practices holistic self-care
  • Promotes & practices ecoconscious conservativism
  • Volunteerism (both spa & community)
  • New ideas, feedback & input
  • Both a team player & leader
  • Practices professionalism, honesty & ethics
  • Supportive of peers & management
  • Personality, attitude, attendance, appearance, preparedness & cleanup
  • Secret Spa Society results (our quality control)

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