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  • Secret Spa Society

  • “SSS”

Definition & Purpose: An anonymous “friends of the spa” group of individuals whose purpose is 1) to help create and maintain quality control for Love Thyself Day Spa by secretly evaluating and giving feedback regarding all areas and departments of the spa; 2) help maintain a positive online reputation for the spa; 3) to refer others to the spa, and 4) to help maintain a positive image in the community for the spa.

Requirements: Members must commit to the following

  •  Completing an evaluation form upon request immediately after receiving spa services.
  • Write a positive online review on at least two sites immediately after each positive spa experience, spa product, or spa dept evaluated. (We accept all honest feedback. However, areas for improvement must only be expressed on the evaluation form or by verbal discussion with spa owner or director, which gives the spa opportunity to improve.)
  •  Actively promote and refer others to the spa.
  • Nominate the spa, spa staff, or owners for local or national awards.
  • Remain anonymous by not sharing with anyone that he or she is a member of SSS. This most definitely includes spa staff, with the exception of owner & spa director. By revealing this info, member will become ineligible.

SSS Benefits:

    •  Receive services at 75-100% off (*Min. gratuity 25% of full retail value, cash only).
    •  Participate in SSS contests to win drawings and prizes.
    •  Spa product giveaways to try spa products.
    •  Try new products & treatments before regular clients.
    •  Free admission to select spa events.
    •  Receive 20 points for each online review, referral, nomination or other benefit to the spa.
    •  Yearly bonus for our top performing SSS member (awarded every January 1st).

To Sign Up: Click Here or send email to admin@lovethyselfdayspa.com

      •  Be sure to give your complete name & contact information.
      •  List some of your favorite spa services, or those that you’d like to try.

Terms & Conditions: As a member, I agree to all of the rules of the Secret Spa Society and will abide by them.

After each service I receive, I will immediately complete an evaluation giving my honest feedback, plus immediately post a positive review on at least two separate sites. I understand that if I do not take the time to do so after my services, I will be obligated as a regular paying customer, to pay the full cost of the services received. I agree to plan for an extra approximated 30 mins longer in the spa to complete the reviews. (To make it easy, it is best to sign up on the sites before coming for the spa visit, so that only the review needs to be posted at the appt.)

I will also actively promote the spa by sharing knowledge of the spa with my inner circles of friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, church members, various groups I’m involved in, as well as others. I will engage with & about the spa on social media. I will seek out various opportunities in the community, as well as nationally, to promote or nominate the spa, or perhaps get the spa involved in certain events, etc. I will even explore whether my workplace is open to allowing the spa to provide services for it.

I understand that the spa owners or director will contact me for a singular spa visit or on multiple occasions (should I so desire) during the year to participate and receive highly discounted or entirely free products and services for evaluation. Any spa appointments that I schedule on my own will be deemed to be regular client appts, with payment due. I understand that my receiving spa services at a particular date/time is voluntary and that I am under no obligation to accept any given appt if it does not suit my needs.

I agree to remain anonymous as a member of SSS, to both the spa’s staff, as well as any other people inside or outside the spa. When performing my duties or communicating as an SSS member, I will be discreet and only speak to the spa owners or director regarding such membership.

I understand that all other spa policies will apply, including but not limited to, the spa’s cancellation policy for each visit. As with all clients, a credit card will be required to reserve SSS appts. By signing up and scheduling the services, this indicates agreement of all SSS terms & conditions. I understand and accept all of the benefits that the spa is offering for this membership.

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