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Naturopathic Medicine

In naturopathy, our goal is to guide those we serve into a wellness lifestyle which fosters personal responsibility and self care. We are committed to educating people about the link between life choices and health, and assisting them through nature, to heal and bring the body back into balance. We address the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional needs with our variety of natural healing methods & remedies. We are so proud of the results obtained in so many of our cases, and the fact that we work with the highest quality known of scientifically formulated herbal medicines that have been proven effective against some of the most difficult to treat health conditions, both acute and chronic. Allow us to assist you with a comprehensive generalized wellness program and customized care which may include naturopathic healing for musculoskeletal, respiratory, digestive, liver & gallbladder, emotional, immune, kidney & urinary, cardiovascular, men/women’s care, and overall disease prevention. Please inquire about our 3-6 month Lifestyle Change Wellness Programs, as listed below.

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1. Weight Management – Specifically for those needing and/or wanting to increase or reduce their weight, we address this issue on numerous levels and utilize a variety of customized methods for accomplishing set goals that lead toward long-lasting, healthy weight balance.

2. Detoxification & Disease Prevention – An ideal program for those who do not have any currently known health issues but who value their health and simply desire to maintain optimal health on all levels, thereby preventing disease, through consistently regular detoxification and other healthy lifestyle habits.

3. Natural Healing & Rebalancing – This is an intense holistic program focused upon the healing & improvement of health issues, naturally, when the body has become off balance from what nature intended. Much attention, energy & care are given by our various wellness professionals to assist in the restoration of health.

4. Diet, Nutrition & Food Prep Education – This program focuses purely on establishing or improving healthy eating habits, food preparation skills, increasing the knowledge of holistic nutrition, and bringing greater awareness of food healing.

Experience the results for yourself…Begin your journey today, toward feeling better much sooner than you ever expected, and without all the harmful side effects!

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