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We provide hands-on vegan & raw vegan instructional classes and counseling support for groups and private individuals, in-home or in-spa, which also includes healthy eating, utilizing organic as much as possible.  Check out our event schedule for class dates or contact us to schedule group classes that meet your needs.

1.     Healthy Food Prep Classes –Learn how to deliciously & nutritiously prepare the same foods you enjoy normally but without animal sources of ingredients.  This demonstration style instruction may include preparation of healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert foods.  Also discover extremely valuable information in areas that most people typically do not grow up with, nor practice, such as the super health enrichment of sprouts, the many benefits & uses of sea vegetables, plus much more – you’ll learn a lot!

2.   Holistic Nutritional Counseling – Knowledge is the beginning of your lifestyle change journey.  However, our assistance goes far beyond knowledge.  We give you the skills, teach, support, guide and assist you in a very hands-on personalized manner, about how to create a more optimally healthy holistic lifestyle for yourself, either one-on-one, as a couple, family, or other small group.  Some examples of knowledge may include learning about basic nutrition, proper food combining, maintaining a healthy digestive system, how to increase energy, manage food cravings and more.  Other, more hands-on assistance may include food shopping tours, pantry assistance, creation & planning of healthy menus, food growing, food dehydration, practical tips & shortcuts on how to make it all work.  Recommended: Prerequisite or concurrently taking our Healthy Food Prep Classes.

3.  Essential Lifestyle Tools Kit – If you want the results and the change in lifestyle, imperatively then, you must have the necessary tools.  Additionally, it cannot be stressed enough the importance of having the right tools of quality.  Although you may take our food prep classes without them, we will be using these items in our recipes and eventually, you will want & need them.  As much as possible, we give deep discounts on these items and sometimes even wholesale pricing.  If you already have some of these items, other kit purchase options are available.  Payment plan is available upon request.

  • Essential Lifestyle Tools Kit I – (Basic): Call for inclusion details & pricing.
  • Essential Lifestyle Tools Kit II – (Optimal): Call for inclusion details & pricing.

Vegan & Raw Food Catering: multi

We bring an experienced and professional approach to preparing sustainable, plant based, healthy foods.  A passion for nutrition, creative expression and love for life all combine to result in refreshing, vibrant vegan or raw food catering (and meal plans) at its best.  To make your reservation or purchase, please contact us for more details. 

Group Events – Whatever the occasion, if it’s vegan or raw food catering that you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place!  We offer deliciously healthy catered vegan & raw food for all occasions, such as office parties, staff lunches, special events, family & friend gatherings, and more.  Specific health concerns or dietary needs can be accommodated.   We will travel to your event or you can come to our spa.  Spa services can also be incorporated.

Meal Plans (Individual/Family) – Conveniently, we take the time & guesswork out of “what’s for dinner” for busy people who desire to be healthy.  Purchase a basic package of 8 vegan or raw food meals with 2 complimentary desserts, or a deluxe package of 15 vegan or raw food meals with a choice of 4 desserts and/or green smoothies/juice.  Choose your desserts from our menu.  Daily specials are available at an additional charge.  We keep track of your purchases.  Pick up one per day or all at once.  With the raw/vegan diet assistance that we provide, you will not only feel better, but look better.  Note: this plan is for individual use, non-transferable, no expiration date.

Raw Food Pop-Up – A monthly social gathering designed primarily for those who aspire to experience and incorporate more raw foods in their diets, in order to maintain optimal health. Seasoned raw foodists are also welcome.  Our spa chef provides a generous full course, healthy, mouth-watering, eye-catching raw food buffet, including desserts.  The event is restricted to raw foods because these are the foods that bring maximum health benefits, higher vibration & energy level.  In a very relaxed & fun setting, this event is an opportunity to receive & give support, meet like-minded individuals, as well as to learn more and discuss the raw food lifestyle.  A raw food prep demonstration and/or spotlight topic is included, plus, complimentary hand & arm or chair massages are provided for your relaxation.  Pop-Up has limited space available, reservation & prepayment are required.

Raw Organic Red Swiss Chard




Ongoing Wellness Events:

Wellness Wednesdays – 

An opportunity to sample wellness with our spa every Wednesday – All Day!  We invite you to sample vegan & raw food treats, sample spa services (5-7 mins each, hand or foot massage), sample wellness products, and hear wellness speakers scheduled with just 30-45 minutes of enlightenment.  Choose to receive a full spa treatment & get a complimentary upgrade or product.  $5 Donation or Free Event with spa treatment purchase. Check-In Required.  Gratuities for therapists not included.

Holistic Healthy Happy Hour – 

Come out after work hours for some holistically healthy fun & de-stressing!  Join us from 3-7 p.m. every 1st Friday, as we provide 30-min Mini Spa Services, Life-Giving Party Food & Drink, win Prizes, and indulge in Healthy Entertainment.  Reserve your treatment: Massage, Facial, Manicure, Hot Stones Foot Treatment, or Scalp/Face Massage.  Optional: Second treatment $35 extra.  Space is limited, sign up/pay by the 15th of previous month, save $6 + enter to win prize of the hour.  

Cost: $69 per person (earlybird by the 15th)

After the 15th: $75 per person

Bring a friend / Check-In Offers   ($4 discount + free treatment upgrade/add-on)

No Expiration 3-month Package: $118   (Only $59 ea, Save $27, no other discounts.)


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