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Spa Parties

Make your event special with treats of relaxation shared by those you care about! We cater to private spa parties of 6 or more guests. Our spa coordinator can assist you with a custom-designed package or you may choose from our Regular Spa Party Packages as listed below, with Mini Spa Party Packages to follow.


Spa & Therapist gratuities are Girls in spaautomatically added. Spa gratuities help toTwo women in wellness salon dressed in white robes Dwie kobiety w salonie odnowy biologicznej ubrane w biale szlafroki offset the cost of refreshments and other amenities. Regular spa parties include a full spread of refreshments, dependent upon packages chosen. Mini spa parties include petite refreshments. Prices listed below are per person and include both gratuities and refreshments.

  • Just Be – $225
  • Aromatherapy Back Treatment
  • Spirit Soother Mini Massage
  • Stress Relief Foot Treatment
  • Real Friends 4Ever – $270
  • Lavender & Rose Petal Foot Soak
  • Lavender Hand Treatment
  • Intro LaStone Therapy Massage
  • Radiance Mini Facial
  • Beauty From Within – $325
  • Infrared Heat Therapy
  • Hydration Hand Treatment
  • Natural Face Lift w/ Mini Facial
  • Aromatherapy Mini Massage
  • Healthy & Relaxed Divas – $350
  • Manuka Honey Foot Soak
  • Passionfruit Body Scrub w/ Vichy
  • Guavaberry Revitalizing Body Wrap
  • Very Berry Mini Massage
  • Let Go – $240
  • Citrus Herbal Spa Manicure
  • Citrus Herbal Spa Pedicure
  • Citrus Mini Massage
  • Me & My Girls – $285
  • Strawberries n’ Cream Spa Bath
  • Chocolate Mini Massage
  • Blueberry Soy Souffle Mini Facial
  • Paraffin Hand Dip & Massage
  • Goddess’ Night Out – $335
  • Hot Stones Foot Treatment
  • Coconut Shea Butter-Paraffin Body Wrap
  • w/ Facial Massage + Dry Skin Brushing
  • Tahitian Vanilla Mini Massage
  • Fit For A Queen – $375
  • Back To Nature Yummy Buns Treatment
  • Organic Garden Facial–1 hr/Scalp Massage
  • Marvelous Mango Hydration Hand Facial
  • Stress Relief Foot Treatment



Relaxation comes in small packages too! It’s our mini version of a spa party, with more economical pricing. Note: A minimum number of 10 guests are required. Spa & therapist gratuities are automatically added. Prices listed below are per person and include both gratuities and petite refreshments.

Level I – $165/pp – min 10 guests – up to 3-1/4 hrs 350X524 (Add-Ons: $22 extra)

  • A. iSculpt Natural Face Lift & Swedish Foot Bath/Reflexology – The iSculpt is an electronic massage device which utilizes decompression, i.e. “cupping” or negative pressure, to increase blood flow, stimulate collagen, lift & tone the skin, soften & decrease wrinkles, bringing about a rejuvenated appearance. Tension-relieving foot treatment included. Suggested Add-On: Customized Facial Mask
  • B. Indian Head Massage & Foot Soak – An ancient Ayurvedic aromatic massage of head & neck area, to help calm the mind; surprisingly deeply relaxing, calms the spirit, improves sleep, muscle tension & blood circulation in the head, headaches, enhances the senses, promotes clear thinking & healthy hair. Suggested Add-On: Hydrating Hand or Foot Mask
  • C. Assisted Body Stretching & Hot Stones Foot Treatment – Combination of Sports Massage & Thai Massage passive body stretches with the assistance of a professional licensed massage therapist, plus, an exfoliation, hydration, reflexology & hot stones foot massage. Suggested Add-On: Paraffin Hand Treatment or Hand & Arm Massage
  • D. Infrared Body Wrap, Hot/Cold Stones Face & Scalp Massage, Foot Soak & Reflexology – Burn fat, stimulate the immune system, increase blood flow, decrease pain, muscular tension and much more while cocooned in our infrared heat body wrap, as you receive delightful foot attention, plus, a deeply relaxing & rejuvenating heated basalt, cold marble and jade stones face massage. Suggested Add-On: Hand & Arm Massage

Level II – $139/pp – min 10 guests – 2-1/2 hrs Woman receiving facial massage. (Add-Ons: $22 extra)

  • A. Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath & Foot Treatment – A detoxifying foot bath which removes toxins from the body, decreases pain, swelling & more. Foot Treatment includes aromatherapy foot soak, exfoliation & extended massage. Suggested Add-On: Hot Stones
  • B. Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath & Express Pedicure – A detoxifying foot bath which removes toxins from the body, decreases pain, swelling & more. Pedicure includes aromatherapy foot soak, brief massage, filing, polishing. Suggested Add-On: Scrub & Mask or Hot Stones
  • C. Radiance Facial (mini) & Hydrating Hand Treatment – Enjoy a thorough cleansing customized to meet your specific needs, utilizing hot towels, cleansing, a light massage, mask, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen. Perfect for those on the run or between regular facials. Suggested Add-on: Reflexology
  • D. Hot Stones Foot Treatment & 10-min Seated Massage – Deeply relaxing hot stones, exfoliation, hydration and therapeutic massage for feet, back, neck & shoulders. Suggested Add-On: Extra 10-min Massage or Paraffin Hand Treatment

Level III – $120/pp – min 10 guests – 2-1/2 hrs (Add-Ons: $22 extra)beautiful feet and hands

  • A. Hydrating Hand Treatment & Seated Massage – Warm, intense hydration for the hands and seated massage focused upon targeted tension areas. Suggested Add-On: Express Manicure
  • B. Hydrating Hand & Foot Treatment – Soothing hot towels, exfoliation, hydration, mask, and extended massage for the hands & feet, plus herbal or aromatherapy foot soak and reflexology for the feet. Suggested Add-On: Hot Stones
  • C. Scalp, Neck & Face Massage, Hand & Foot Massage w/ Hot Towel Wraps – Relax on a cloud in our zero gravity chairs; includes aromatherapy, mini massage for scalp, neck & face, hydration and hot towel wrap for face, hands & feet. Suggested Add-On: Peppermint Foot Scrub (hands & feet)
  • D. Infrared Heat Therapy & 10-min Seated Massage – Both types of therapy have many of the same benefits. Infrared relaxes the body, increases blood circulation, reduces pain by dilating blood vessels, has been used extensively in conditions such as hypertension, arthritis, rheumatism, and muscle spasm; reduces lactic acid in muscles, conditions the cardiovascular system similar to the effects of a 6-9 mile run, burns up to 600 calories in a 25-min session, speeds cellulite loss, eliminates toxins, enhances immune system and creates beautiful skin. Suggested Add-On: Extra 10-min Massage or Paraffin Hand Treatment

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