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Anse Source d'Argent, La Digue island , Seychelles, Africa



This is the heart of what we do, our specialty, and part of what makes our spa unique. We’re happy to answer all of yourVitamin bomb, protein cocktail Bomba witaminowa, koktajl proteinowy questions and give you very personal, hands-on & individualized care. Come in for a single treatment, though for optimal results, a series is usually recommended. Let us customize a detoxification, weight management or general wellness program that may include areas of cleansing, holistic nutritional guidance, vegan & raw food prep classes, herbal therapies, stress management, mental/energetic therapies, and naturopathy.
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (1/2 hr min.)
Lymphatic Drainage Massage Exclusive (1-1/2 to 2 hrs)
Cellulite Reduction (1 hr)
Infrared Heat Therapy (1/2 hr)
Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath (45 mins)
AromaSteam (1/2 hr)
Oxygenated Steam Sauna (1/2 hr)
Breath of Life Oxygen Inhalation
Colon Therapy (1 hr)
Colon Implants (1 hr ideally)
Abdominal Packs (1/2 hr min., 1-2 hrs ideally)
iSculpt Body Contouring (1 hr)
Inch Loss Steam Body Wrap (45 mins)
Therapeutic Detoxification Bath (1/2 hr)
Revitalizing Dry Skin Brushing
Detox Purification Facial
Ear Candling (1 hr)
Nasya (Sinus Relief) Purification


(All Detox Packages include complimentary herbal tea, a superfoods drink, green smoothie, or fresh vegetable juicing.green towel Note: If you’ve never had a colonic with us, a $45 consultation fee will be added to the colonic fees in the packages below.)
Divine Detox 1 – Fat Burning Detox (4 hrs) - $370
Divine Detox 2 – Heavy Duty Purification (3-1/2 hrs) - $325
Divine Detox 3 – Relaxing Detox (3 hrs) - $295
Divine Detox 4 – Revitalizing Detox (3 hrs) - $285
Divine Detox 5 – Upper Body Detox (2-1/2 hrs) – $265
Divine Detox 6 – Gentle Cleanse Detox (2 hrs) - $210


Depending upon your needs, and besides the 1-day detox packages above, we customize step-by-step detoxification 473X348programs lasting from 3 days to 120 days, taking you into more long-term holistically healthy lifestyle change. Optimally, these cleanses address the 7 channels of elimination, with cleansing on various levels such as parasitic, candida/yeast, gallbladder & liver flushes, and more. Please contact us for details.

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