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Spa Etiquette Policies

Note: Each and every client who schedules with Love Thyself Day Spa is required to carefully read, completely understand & agree to our Spa Etiquette Policies (as well as Mobile & Membership policies, if applicable).  By reserving space on our calendar, this inherently acknowledges understanding & agreement of all of the policies of Love Thyself Day Spa.


RESERVATIONS: In order to reserve your space, a credit card hold, a 50% cash or money order deposit, company check, or gift certificate number is required. We recommend that all appointments be made in advance to better accommodate preferred times, services & therapists, though not necessary. For groups, weddings, spa parties, and other special events, we would prefer that you reserve your space at least 4-6 weeks in advance in order for us to better accommodate your needs. To ensure proper communication and logistics, we require that groups have only one contact person responsible for sharing all scheduling & policy details.


ARRIVALS:   First time customers, please arrive at least 15-20 minutes early and repeat customers at least 10 minutes early.  This allows you time to check in, fill out a Health History Form (if not done online), perhaps take a complimentary Swiss shower, slip into a comfortable robe, enjoy some herbal tea or distilled water, relax and get acquainted.  (Please note that upon arrival, shoes will be removed as they are not worn in our spa, thereby maintaining an environment that is clean with positive energy flow.)  Arriving late will deprive you of precious minutes during your spa treatment, and this applies also to mobile spa services.  The fee remains unchanged and we will not inconvenience other guests.


CANCELLATION POLICY:  Please honor the commitment of our staff to serve you by notifying us in advance if you need to cancel or make changes.  Cancellations must be made by speaking directly to the spa, person to person, obtaining the name of that staff person.  We do not accept cancellations via voicemail, text, or email.  A minimum 24-hrs notice is required on individual services, 48-hrs notice on multiple services or clients, 72-hrs notice on small-size spa parties and mobile spa events, 7 days for weddings & large corporate or any other type of group event lasting longer than 3 hrs or group size 10 or more, mobile or in-spa.  This prevents being automatically charged 100% of fees plus gratuity.  Changes in date, time or down-graded services with less than the minimum required advance notice are subject to a rescheduling fee of at least 50% of regular pricing, to be paid in advance.  Full payment plus 20% gratuity is required for late arrivals, late or improper cancellations, and missed “no-show” appointments.  Appointments made the same day are considered as confirmed appointments beginning exactly 15 minutes after scheduling, and will be charged in full as stated above, if not cancelled before that time.  Without proper notice, your credit card will automatically be charged.  Authorization for this purpose is given with credit card guarantee.  Gift certificates, vouchers and coupons are subject to the same cancellation policy and therefore can become void.  For ALL group events, there will be AT LEAST a $150 non-refundable fee to be divided among each guest or per group, charged regardless of cancellation date & time, since our spa coordinators and spa chef spend much time & money in advance, planning & purchasing for your event.  Also, once reservations have been made for a group, there will be no refunds for individual guest cancellations or no-shows, and all fees will be due.  However, time & services are being paid for, so you & your remaining guests may receive the extra services.


GRATUITIES (TIPS):  Gratuities are customary and always appreciated.  We are honored by your expression of gratitude and courtesy in allowing us to serve you, which we do so wholeheartedly with the utmost of care.  Since we work as a team with other staff members helping to make your experience a pleasant one, a very small percentage (up to $2.00) of each gratuity is given to supporting staff, so please be mindful of this; and, we require gratuities to be left at the front desk to be distributed accordingly.  We also ask that you leave tips in cash whenever possible.

For those who are unaware, gratuities are usually 18-22% of your total fees (or avg. $15-$20/technician per treatment).  If you choose to leave an additional amount for an outstanding experience, or simply because you are an extremely kind & grateful person, please feel free to do so.

Regarding Gift Certificate purchases, it is very common and highly recommended that you include gratuities with your gift, so that your guests can come & enjoy their services in complete relaxation without monetary concern.  For spa parties, weddings & certain other group events, gratuities are automatically added to our fees for logistics and convenience.


PAYMENT POLICY:  You may secure your reservation with a credit card, company check, cash or gift certificate number upon scheduling or by close of business day.  We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover credit cards, with applicable service taxes.  Stop payment and returned checks are subject to a $55 insufficient funds fee along with any additional fees in recovery.  Credit card dispute resolutions ruled in favor of Love Thyself Day Spa will also incur a $55 fee, automatically charged to the card.  Fees for services are subject to change without notice.  All sales are final.


YOUR PROFESSIONAL TEAM :  If you prefer a particular spa professional, we will do our best to accommodate you.  If your regular spa professional is unavailable, or if you would like to consult with or receive services from another staff member for any reason, at any time, please feel free to do so.  We operate as a team whose single objective is serving you and making sure that you receive the kind of therapy that you need at any given time.  You may request a male or female therapist when scheduling.  In keeping with professional standards, we must mention that our services are nonsexual and draping is required.  Any illicit or sexually suggested remarks or advances will result in the immediate termination of services with expectation of full payment.


NOISE:  In order to maintain our peaceful environment, please keep your conversation quiet.  Noise from cell phones and other devices is not allowed.  We ask that you set these devices to ring on “silent” and step outside the spa for any phone conversations or texting.  No pets of any kind are allowed.  No children under 13 (without prior approval) unless they have a scheduled appointment and are accompanied by an adult.  There may be times, however, when the spa is reserved for younger groups.  In the case of minors under 13, we ask that at least one adult is present and written parental permission may be required.


HEALTH & SAFETY:  Unless specifically licensed, spa professionals are not qualified to perform spinal or skeletal adjustments, medical examinations, diagnose or prescribe, or treat any physical or mental illness.  Nothing said or done in the course of our services shall be construed as a substitute for the services of a physician, chiropractor, or other qualified medical specialist for any mental or physical ailment, unless staff member is specifically licensed.

Our services are for the well-being of body, mind & spirit.  This includes basic relaxation and stress reduction, pain relief, mental wellness, internal cleansing and detoxification, nutritional guidance, skin care maintenance, and beauty enhancement.

We reserve the right to cease or not perform services upon any person of whom we believe to be a health or safety risk.  For each visit we ask that you advise us of health issues, any medication that you are taking, allergy, illness, injury, pregnancy, recent surgery or change in health status prior to any treatment to ensure optimal consideration of your needs and to be sure that our treatments do not in any way interfere with any medical issues you may have.

If there is any issue or discomfort experienced during our services, it is required that clients notify us immediately, as often as is necessary.

Due to increased skin sensitivity, we ask that you refrain from shaving the day before and day of any exfoliation treatment, sunscreen also recommended.

After all types of advanced skin care, for at least 48 hrs, we advise clients to avoid all types of heat, exfoliation, use proper sun protection, along with recommended home care.

While you are here, we encourage you to drink plenty of water and teas to maintain homeostasis as our treatments will affect such things as your blood pressure, circulation and whatever toxicities exist within your system.

Consumption of alcohol prior to, during or directly after spa services is not recommended.  If you choose to drink alcohol during your time with us, please do so responsibly and at your own risk as we will not be held liable for any effects related thereto.  If you choose to bring alcohol into the spa, please let us know beforehand.  The spa has a right to refuse or discontinue services for any client who is unruly or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and with expectation of full payment for services.

Because we care about health, yours and ours, our environment is smoke-free (including no smoking in front of our building or on property) with minimal harsh chemicals.  Our environment is also based upon eco-conscious & holistically healthy food ethics which are reflected within our food servings.  We do not allow outside food or drink.

You can be assured that in keeping with our commitment to health, cleanliness, safety and hygiene, we take the time to properly sterilize and sanitize equipment for all services.


PERSONAL VALUABLES:  Please secure all of your valuables. Remove jewelry prior to treatments.  We will not be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.


SPA ATTIRE, PRIVACY & COMFORT:  May we suggest that you arrive to the spa dressed in loose fitting, comfortable clothing — sweats, t-shirts, baggy pants, etc.  No need to wear jewelry or makeup!  If you come straight from work, we would suggest that you bring cozy clothes to put on afterwards for leaving the spa in the most relaxed manner (even a bath robe is fine).  Notice how good it feels to just be…and to be within yourself!

Because we want you to enjoy yourself and be comfortable during all of our spa treatments, we ask that you feel free to completely disrobe or wear a bathing suit or underwear for any and all water, body and massage treatments.  We also provide disposable underwear for your convenience.  As professionals, we will follow the proper draping guidelines to ensure privacy, comfort and relaxation.  If at any time you are uncomfortable during your experience, we ask that you let us know, as often as necessary.


CONFIDENTIALTY & ETHICS:  We value & respect our clients’ legal right to privacy of information.  All information that you share will be held confidential within our spa unless otherwise agreed to in writing or by legal obligation.  This includes but is not limited to client records, emails, and clients’ verbal statements made in trust, etc.  (Regarding email addresses, we may contract with a 3rd party to send out emails on our behalf only but they will not be permitted to use or share those addresses otherwise.)

Our spa has worked very hard over many difficult years and invests a large amount of marketing dollars to gain its clientele.  Ethically speaking, we ask that you do not employ any of our technicians to work on you independently of prior spa arrangements.  It is our policy that unless you are family, at no time shall any of our team members solicit, retain, or receive from you your contact information, or share their own contact information, in order to work with you independently of the spa, or for any other reason.  Should this occur, we ask that you bring it to our attention and by doing so, you will be entitled to 50% off your next treatment.  While we think the best of our spa family staffing, we do not tolerate unethical behavior and also ask for your loyalty & help in this regard.


GIFT CERTIFICATES (& Gift Cards):  Gift Certificates must be mentioned when scheduling and presented prior to service.  They are nonrefundable, nontransferable except to the purchaser, and expire 3 months from date of purchase.  If you need more time on your certificate, just contact us in writing BEFORE the expiration date and we will be happy to work with you on an extension.  Not valid on sale items, not to be used in combination with other offers.  Please be aware of, and inform the recipient(s) that gift certificates do not include gratuities, unless specifically mentioned and included in the purchase.  Keep in mind that the recipient may feel uncomfortable inquiring about or leaving a gratuity for a gift, and that it is common to leave a gratuity within the gift, though not mandatory.  Gift certificates purchased for a dollar amount will be redeemed at regular pricing.


LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM:  Loyalty points may not be combined with other promotions, cannot be redeemed for cash, and may not be used to purchase products, gift certificates, cover taxes or gratuity.  They may not be redeemed online.  A maximum of 2,000 points may be used per visit, with redemption increments beginning at 1,000 points.  Points may not be shared or distributed.  Each client accumulates points separately.  Sharing members of BHC wellness memberships do not accumulate loyalty points.  Points for purchases are approximated and are based upon dollars spent.


REFUNDS & MERCHANDISE RETURNS:  We do not give monetary refunds for products or services.  We will, however, attempt to arrive at a fair solution in each individual case.

All series purchases are considered as one item and are due and payable as such.  Payment plans therefore cannot be cancelled and the series cannot be refunded in whole or in part.  All series purchases must be used within 6 months from the date of the first treatment received in the series, unless otherwise specified by the spa in writing, or in accordance with the specific timeline of the series.  Only with spa management approval in writing, given prior to the end of the 6 month period, may this time be extended for up to 60 additional days.  If client decides to discontinue treatments in a series, at its discretion, spa management may choose to honor a mutually agreed upon substitution arrangement with a $35 series cancellation substitution fee.  Series purchases are non-transferable.

All packages are considered as one item in which individual treatments cannot be separated, refunded or transferred; however, mutually agreeable substitutions can be made & approved at least 48 hrs prior to scheduled appointment.


REFERRALS:  One of the best compliments you can give to us is a referral of your closest friends (family, co-workers, etc.).  With the Tell-A-Friend program and our members’ Better Health Club Wellness Referral Program, we give you a tangible token of our appreciation which applies to referrals paying regular or only slightly reduced pricing.  Members will receive 500 loyalty points with the first referral occurring within 30 days of membership start date, plus a complimentary 1 hr spa service, and thereafter, 200 points plus a mini spa treatment, for every person referred.  Non-Members will receive 100 loyalty points for every person referred, plus, with every two referrals, a complimentary mini spa treatment (Value $55 or less), 50% off with every four referrals, and with 100% off with every six referrals.  There are at least ten (10+) ways to earn free services.  Please ask for details.


CLIENT FEEDBACK:  We are here to serve you and make your experience a pleasant one, while offering you the opportunity to de-stress and improve your health.  However, we are not perfect and are always open to suggestions.  We need your input for growth and progress so please let us know, calmly and constructively, by contacting management directly, on how to better serve you.  We promise to listen to you and would appreciate a higher & more evolved mindset in allowing us this opportunity to improve as opposed to speaking negatively and non-constructively through social media.  At the same time, if you are a satisfied client, we ask that you please take a moment to give this positive feedback through an online review, for that is how others come to learn about the great experience they, too, can have.  It is also how we’re able to grow and serve better in our community.  At your next visit, we would love to show our tangible gratitude for your time and effort.  Simply let us know the site where you posted your review.  Thank you for choosing Love Thyself Day Spa.

(Note:  All treatments, pricing and policies are subject to change without notice.

More specific policies apply to memberships and mobile spa services.)


Terms & Conditions:

  • A. Mobile services are priced at higher rates and will incur additional fees such as for gas, travel & setup.  Special equipment & handling, administrative, earlybird/after hours or holiday fees, parking, toll, credit card fees & taxes may also apply.  Fees may also increase if there is more in-depth or different work to be done than anticipated or given advance knowledge about, if the duration of the event is extended for any reason, if our staff’s ability to perform the services is delayed by the actions or inactions of the client, or if client desires additional services.
  • B. Minimums may apply for some services or they can be received as add-on enhancements.
  • C. Group discounts may be available for long-term contracts, repeat customers and very large groups.
  • D. $50 minimum travel & setup fee per therapist.  (This fee is basically already included w/ Mani/Pedi pricing, within a certain distance.)
  • E. Gratuities have not been included and are customarily based upon 18-20% minimum.
  • F. Mobile Spa Hours: Daily 6:00 am-10:00 pm / Earlybird or After Hours Fee: $65 min. (6-9:30a & 7-10 pm) / $85 (Sundays 9:30a-7p).  Holiday Fee: $200 min.  Earlybird/After Hours & Holiday Fees may increase, depending upon time involved.
  • G. To make your mobile spa services reservation, we require a 50% deposit or valid credit card (MC, Visa or Discover), with the remaining 50% due upon arrival, plus drivers license identification.  Both credit card receipt and invoice must be signed prior to equipment setup.
  • H. To protect clients, upon arrival mobile staff will each have a mini version of his or her professional license issued by the State of Texas, including photo id, available to show upon request.
  • I. We will do our very best to arrive at your location at least 20-30 minutes early for setup.  Please understand that we may face unanticipated circumstances such as road construction, heavy traffic, weather conditions, etc. that may cause delay.  For mobile spa services scheduled on a Saturday, we ask for flexibility given that this is our busiest day, unpredictable things happen, and sometimes therapists working mobile events may also be working inside the spa earlier in the day.  Of course, we will give notification as necessary and as early as possible, regarding our timing that day.
  • J. To prevent delay and decrease of service time, we require that clients prepare the environment before our arrival by making sure there is adequate parking as close as possible to the entrance for unloading, ample work space, cleanliness, safety, quiet & undisturbed, comfortable temperature, pets & children kept out of the area, water/sink accessibility, ambient lighting, electrical outlets, and anything else deemed appropriate.
  • K. It is required that clients notify us well in advance of the event day regarding any health issues, recent surgeries, injuries, illnesses, allergies/sensitivities, medications, current pregnancy, any special needs or requests, that may be applicable to anyone receiving services.
  • L. If there is any issue or discomfort experienced during our services, it is required that clients notify us immediately, as often as is necessary.
  • M. It is extremely important that every person being served reads & understands our cancellation policy.  We ask that you please honor the commitment of our staff to serve you by notifying us in advance if you need to cancel or make changes.  Cancellations must be made by speaking directly to the spa, person to person, obtaining the name of that staff person.  We do not accept cancellations via voicemail, text, or email.  A minimum 72-hrs advance notice is required for all mobile spa events, except 7 days advance notice for weddings & large corporate or other type of organizational events lasting longer than 3 hours or group size 10+.  Changes in date, time or services with less than the minimum required advance notice are subject to a rescheduling fee of at least 50% of regular pricing, to be paid in advance, and full payment plus 20% gratuity is required for late cancellations and missed “no-show” appointments.  Appointments made the same day are considered as confirmed appointments beginning exactly 15 minutes after scheduling, and will be charged in full if not cancelled before that time.  Without proper notice, your credit card will automatically be charged.  Authorization for this purpose is given with credit card guarantee.  For ALL group events, there will be AT LEAST a $150 non-refundable fee to be divided among each guest or per group, regardless of cancellation date & time, since spa coordinators and spa chef spend much time & money in advance, planning & purchasing for your event.  Also, once reservations have been made for a group, there will be no refunds for individual guest cancellations or no-shows.  However, time & services are being paid for, so you & your remaining guests may receive the extra services.
  • N. All other appropriate spa policies apply and are in effect.  Mobile spa policies & rates may be changed at any given time without notice.
  • O. For more info or to reserve our professional mobile spa services, call us at 972-644-4065 or send email to mobilespa@lovethyselfdayspa.com.



Terms & Conditions:

The Better Health Club Wellness Membership Program is an annual program.  All memberships require a minimum commitment of six (6) months and will be charged accordingly.  At the end of the 6th month, members have the option to downgrade membership types, or to cancel membership with a $50 cancellation fee at any time thereafter, by giving a minimum 35-day advance written cancellation notice.  Members may upgrade memberships at any time.

Membership and benefits are non-transferable and non-refundable.

The “monthly dues date” is the day of each month at which time membership fees become due.  Upon membership purchase, each member may choose this date to be set at either the 1st or 15th of the month.  Once established, this cannot be changed.  Each month the member’s credit card on file will then be charged the appropriate membership fee.  Both a valid credit card and email address are required for participation in our BHC membership programs.  Members are required to notify the spa of any change in credit card info, email, or other account information prior to the monthly dues date.

In the event a member’s credit card is declined, or a checking account has insufficient funds on the monthly dues date, member will receive a notice regarding the charge back, and the account will be assessed a $55 insufficient funds fee.  Our system will retry again for the next 5 days and if there is still insufficient funds, a late fee of $7 will be assessed each time payment is not successfully charged.  If any member fails to pay any amount due under the membership agreement, Love Thyself Day Spa shall be entitled, at any time, in its sole discretion, to suspend or cancel membership, and require member to immediately pay any past due balance(s).  Any payments owed that are not received when due shall bear interest at the highest rate permitted by law.  If member fails to pay any amount when due, member shall pay all costs and expenses of collection incurred by Love Thyself Day Spa, including reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses.

Unused services will roll over into the next month for up to 2 months (60 days from date of accrual), after which time they will become forfeited.  We allow only one rollover service per month.  All membership benefits, including rollover services, must be used within 14 months from the commencement of each annual membership.  Memberships will automatically renew each year unless the spa is given a 35-day advance written cancellation notice.

Memberships cannot be purchased with gift certificates.  However, memberships can be purchased as gifts.

Spa Gift Certificates can be redeemed toward spa services only, at regular prices.  They cannot be applied to gratuities, membership dues, retail products, spa packages, series, etc.  Members may use these certificates for themselves or to bring in guests who are not already clients of the spa.

Retail Spa Gift Certificates can be redeemed toward retail products only, at regular prices.  Purchase must be made of equal value.  Retail Spa Gift Certificates do not include taxes.

Birthday benefits must be received within 15 days before or after actual birthday.

We wholeheartedly believe in the importance of the lymphatic system which is too often neglected.  This is why we include complimentary Dry Skin Brushing with our membership massages (Levels II & III), highly recommended.  This complimentary health enhancement does not include the purchase of the dry skin brush itself, which is $30, tax included.

Membership benefits do not apply toward mobile services, spa parties, or other group events.  Unless clearly specified in writing, member discounts cannot be combined with currently discounted services & products, offers or promotions.

Family members may also be included in memberships.  In order to share a membership, an enrollment fee must be paid for each sharing family member.  Family members may share plan-included services or purchase other spa services at member rates.  They may also receive retail discounts as well as participate in our Better Health Club Wellness Referral Program.  As a bonus, family members can be added to new memberships within the first 30 days with a $20 family add-on enrollment discount.  All family members must reside at the same address and show proof of address (i.e. valid DL or state I.D).

Memberships may be temporarily frozen due to extenuating circumstances such as extended illness, military leave or temporary relocation.  No membership benefits will be received during this time, either by primary or sharing members.  Benefits already accrued before freeze status can be redeemed, however, during this time.  A minimum of one membership payment must have been made in order to be eligible.  Also, a freeze status will not be granted unless member is current on dues and any other charges against the account.  Only the primary member can put a freeze on an account.  There is a one-time $25 charge plus 50% of membership fee each month to freeze an account.  We allow a freeze period of up to 2 billing cycles.  To freeze an account, the member must submit a written request at least 35 days in advance by either mailing a letter to Love Thyself Day Spa, P.O. Box 83-2883, Richardson, Texas, 75083, or by emailing the request to memberships@lovethyselfdayspa.com.  Member must include the amount of time requested (up to 2 months).

Memberships may become unfrozen after at least 30 days from the date frozen status began.  Billing will resume accordingly.  Membership period will be extended to match the same amount of time spent in freeze status.

Any member who creates a “no show” or late cancellation appointment will forfeit member service for that month, plus incur an automatic $35 charge to the card on file.

This agreement may be terminated at any time by a member provided that at least 35 days written notice is given in advance of the monthly dues date.  As of the effective date of cancellation, all membership benefits, including any unused rollover services, expire.

LTDS reserves the right at any time to modify the terms and conditions, as well as pricing, of its membership programs upon advance prior written notice.  General Spa Etiquette Policies and other detailed terms & conditions may apply to this membership.  We reserve the right to refuse or discontinue services and memberships for any reason.


Client Forms

Prior to making a reservation, please complete the appropriate client intake forms below, according to the services for which you are scheduling.  If you have any questions as to which form(s) to complete, please contact us.  Note: ALL clients are required to complete the General Health History Form.

General Health History Form

Massage Therapy & Body Treatment Form

Skin Care Form

Detoxification & Digestive Health Form


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