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Overall Spa Experiences:

Tru Wasko This was my 1st visit and will NOT be my last:) I was skeptical (i am kinda skeptical about most new things)… the energy you feel when you walk through the door is magnificent! The professionalism by the staff is beyond reproach. For a moment I thought I was relaxing on a tropical island with absolutely NO worries. I told my friends about this place and I will be a regular visitor. My only issue is that I did not find the place 10 years ago!

Jamie J – Plano I went to Love Thyself day spa this summer for my birthday because someone had gifted me with the Birthday spa treatment. It was wonderful. Lisa was very nice to me and made sure I was comfortable as this being my first time coming to a spa for a massage and such. The atmosphere was wonderful and relaxing. The aroma in the bath area was just so nice. Very herbal. I am a single mom and I had been very stressed for a long period of time. The spa bath, the foot treatment and the body massage Lisa gave me really did some good. It was awesome. I’ve never felt so relaxed and cared for in my life. It was hard for me to leave. The music was nice and peaceful too.

Nancy G. – Duncanville, TX My experience to “Love thyself spa” was amazing. I was in pain when I went in N came out healed!! My therapist was amazing and a very good listener . No other massage therapist in my experienced ever paid good Attention when I made them aware of sensitive area. I will be back.

Candy R. – Richardson, TX EXCELLENCE! Superb customer service & attentiveness, professional people who care about your health and wellbeing, exceptionally clean & relaxing environment. I appreciate that they have gone out of their way to accommodate my schedule, have been more than fair each and every time, and most of all, as I continue to go there, I find that the health problems I’ve been suffering from for many years have substantially improved. That, to me, is priceless!!!

Akayla S. – Plano, TX Smooth out your kinks at Love Thyself Day Spa! Whether you need a day of pure relaxation in a beautiful atmosphere or a really good body detoxification, the very friendly, professional, super smart, kind & attentive staff there will be able to assist you. At least my little sister and I both feel this way…we keep going back and just can’t get enough of the place!

Debrah H. – Garland, TX THANK YOU!!! Lisa, Chef Leshay and other staff have made such a difference in my health! I’ve been a customer now for 8 years. This is a spa that truly cares about your health & wellbeing, much more than a “pamper” type spa, though they provide this, too. More importantly, over the years, with their holistic wellness services, educational classes & personal assistance, I’ve been able to avoid surgery and heal my body from numerous health issues. They have practically walked with me hand in hand to help me live an entirely new lifestyle. They’ve always been there when I needed them, very professional, always kind & caring, as if they are family. Of course, there are rules to follow and if we do our part as customers, don’t sweat the small stuff, we will find an enormously high level of assistance and care. I totally recommend this spa.

Chicobey D. – Dallas, TX Absolutely the best massage I ever had!!!! 90 minutes of pure bliss. The spa is so nice and uplifting. I didn’t know it was that beautiful inside; clean, great smelling candles everywhere and relaxing music. I loved the water fountains it gave off such a great ambience. Kind of felt like being at the beach hearing the flowing and trickling of the water. VERY NICE!!! As for the massage, WOW I can still feel it in my muscles. I wasn’t expecting so much kindness and knowledge, and most places I have went to were treating me as a number and not as person. Here I could feel the caring and support from an individual that didn’t know me, but felt like she did. Lisa, my therapist, worked out my muscles like never before AND gave me a complimentary foot treatment (haven’t ever gotten that before at a spa). I can say that Love Thyself made me think alot about my health. Lisa was informative and very knowledgeable about massage therapy and the benefits thereof. I must say I can’t wait to go back. THANK YOU SO MUCH LISA:) YOUR THE BEST IN MY BOOK!!!

Karen C. – Royse City, TX My husband got me two coupon books for other spas. I tried a Swedish massage at one, it was good, but nothing to rave about. But, I did have a deep tissue massage with aromatherapy at Love Thyself Day Spa. It was GREAT. I have a lot of muscle pain in my back, and I felt the results from my massage for several months. Carlos was great, and I can’t wait for them to reopen from their current remodeling. I am scheduled to go back to Carlos next week! Its a very relaxing place to go where they make you feel totally at ease. I plan on being a long term customer.

Massage Therapy Experiences:


David C. – Dallas, TX Stepping out of the Oven into an Oasis of soft music and water. Mesmerizing aromatherapy. From the moment I was asked to remove my shoes I knew I was going to like this.

After introductions, the staff made sure to understand my needs- even their demeanor was relaxing- they brought me to my room. quite relaxing. reminds me of calgon take me away…

First time I have ever had a four hand massage. I basically melted on the table. They also included the reflexology. At first its like ah, than almost a little ouch but just enough to get the knots out and back to melting.

I’ve never had someone take care of my feet like this. most people rush through feet. Not here!! every little toe and joint was treated to TLC.

Kimberly Tapia We received a couples massage on Saturday June 28 2014 and we will absolutely be going back. It was the best massage we could have asked for! Thank you for such a wonderful experience!

Nicolas L. – Ft Worth, TX One of the best of not the best massage I ever received! They took time to make me feel comfortable and understand my need. They really took care of my back who really needed it. I will go back and recommend this place!

Jay S. – Richardson, TX I had a 1 one hour massage here and it wasn’t just a massage it was a learning experience as well. They explain to me about some other issues on how I can improve my back problems that I have been having and all those knots in my back. The establishment was very elegant and comfortable for a massage and even for a nap. I have been telling family members and friends about this place and they have been enjoying it too. I would recommend this style of massages than most of those other establishments that I been to in the DFW area. By the way LaShondra does a terrific deep tissue massage! 5 STARS from me!!!

Maria Y. – Richardson, TX Amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed my massage experience! So relaxing! She took the time to get to know me and my preferences and gave me great recommendations! Totally worth it! WAAAAAAAAAYYYYY better than a silly chair massage!!

Neelima J. – Plano, TX My best massage ever! Lisa was amazing, she is warm, pleasant and professional. I came across this deal on Groupon for an hour and half massage in combo with body scrub for $69 and it was the best money I ever spent on myself. Lisa spent some time with me before the massage and took notes on my problem areas, likes and dislikes. The pressure was adjusted to exactly how I would prefer. I was completely relaxed and rejuvenated after the massage. I would definitely recommend this place for sore bones like me. I even booked my next appointment on my way out. I am so looking forward for my next massage.

Kim B. – Dallas, TX Lisa is absolutely the best masseuse in town! She takes time to get to know her clients & their bodies and works wonders on my trouble spots. When you book a 90 minute massage, you’re actually ON THE TABLE for 90 minutes (or maybe even a longer!). I also like how the spa is flexible with professionals’ busy schedules and will stay late or come early if needed.

Amy C. – Frisco, TX A girlfriend and I visited Love Thyself Day Spa recently and I thoroughly loved it! We bought discount coupons through Groupon and redeemed it within a couple of weeks based on our schedule. Andrew and LaShonda were knowledgeable and very capable. LaShonda provided a fantastic massage and was very careful to ask where I needed focus, etc. We signed up for a 3 hour session with various treatments and the services were very good! I will return!

Lindsey F. – Dallas, TX The place is clean, cozy & comfy…as relaxing as being on a tropical beach! I had a massage with Denise today who seemed to be able to read underneath my skin just what I needed, including the perfect depth of pressure. I loved the stretches, hot towels and the pure essential oils that enhanced my experience. One thing for sure, I did not want to get up so I lingered on the table and they didn’t seemed to mind when I fell asleep. After all, before walking out, Denise did tell me to relax for as long as I needed to…and I did!

Evelyn R. – Plano, TX Thank you Lisa for your willingness to see me and my husband for a super earlybird morning colonic appt at 5:30a.m., just so that we can be consistent in our wellness program. We appreciate your passion and commitment in your work to help us improve our health issues. We are so grateful that we found you. You really know your stuff and your dedication is just beyond measure. Thank you again

Skin Care Experiences:

Laura M. – Richardson, TX I’ve gotten facials all around town for my acne breakouts, even at some of the fanciest places, but the facial I got at Love Thyself Day Spa, by far, gave me the BEST in results. The place is very comfortable, serene and has a lot of good energy with caring people. I’m already scheduled to go back.

Jewel B. – DeSoto, TX After six colonics, one ear candling, also a facial/massage, the services were wonderful. I achieved the results I was looking.

Sarah H. – Dallas, TX During my pregnancy massage, all of my trouble areas were focused upon, as pain, soreness and tension were relieved with just the right touch. I loved the warm towels & exfoliation on my feet. I was treated with special care in this customized treatment. My therapist, who is also an esthetician, spent extra time with me by doing a complimentary mini facial simply because I had a huge, embarrassing zit that she saw was really bothering me. Afterwards, I could see & feel an immediate improvement. What a perfect pregnancy “all-in-one” massage!

Ruby L. – Grand Prairie, TX I’ve been getting facials and other skin care for 3 years now at LTDS. My face used to be very dry, dull and tired looking, even itchy at times. I love the more hydrated texture and more youthful appearance I’ve been able to achieve with my esthetician, Sandy. I feel that the estheticians at LTDS are different because they focus on wellness from the inside out which really helps your skin to achieve more lasting results, in the long run. At each visit, I’ve learned soooo much, and I’m now practicing those better habits!

Spa Party Experiences:

Amy Massinger I had a party for my 13 year old with about four of her closest friends. Love Thyself did a fantastic job of catering to these girls and making them feel extremely special. I would certainly use their services again! I appreciated the warm atmosphere and the vegan, organic food! I highly recommend Love Thyself for anyone looking for a welcoming spa with professional, friendly people attending you! Thank you!!

Barbara T. – Frisco, TX Tranquil atmosphere, clean, upscale. I’ve had two spa parties now at Love Thyself Day Spa and both times, it was great. I love the caring, friendly staff, very professional, knowledgeable about health and excellent at what they do. We/ve had massages, body scrubs with vichy shower, body wraps, hydrotherapy baths, pedicures & facials – all were superb! They served gourmet vegan & raw vegan foods that were awesome & deliciously healthy! I like the fact that they are a holistic spa, environmentally conscious, with organic & natural products that smell & feel so good, plus, they give back to the community as I have witnessed over the years. I just feel good supporting a spa such as this. The whole staff work well together & feel like family to me & my gang!

Daphne S. – Euless, TX My group had a spa party at Love Thyself Day Spa and the staff really took care of us, treated us so special. The services were superb and staff all very friendly. They even served us some of the most delicious food I’ve had in a long time, healthy foods that were agreeable to my sensitive stomach. I learned all kinds little healthy tips that have inspired me to put into practice in my life. Thank you all for going out of the way for us! Everything was perfect!

Colon Therapy Experiences:

Lauren Talbot As a Nutritionist, I deeply believe in the power of a highly cleansing diet and lifestyle. This includes deep cleansing of the colon. I was happy to come across Love Thyself Day Spa. Once you step inside, you are enveloped in a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. The spa and equipment are kept immaculate, and I always leave feeling light, energized, and refreshed. I go to LTD for the highly detoxifying experience I receive from colon hydrotherapy, where Lisa practices using the Woods Gravity Method. The only type I would recommend to my clientele.

Mindy S. – Richardson, TX Highly cleansing. Relaxing. And restoring. I feel clear and refreshed every time I visit Love Thyself Dayspa for a colon hydrotherapy treatment.

Kimberly Hennion I first came into the spa for a facial and massage on my birthday, but I left with so much more! I had many questions about the other services the spa offered and Lisa answered every single one. I began to tell her about the stomach troubles I had been having and she started talking with me about my diet and asked if I’ve ever had a colonic..I have not! When I came in for my colonic appointment, I was just a little nervous. Lisa eased all of my worries by going over everything she’d be doing. We sat and talked about my diet and the changes I could make that would also help with my stomach. When it came time for the actual colonic, I knew that I could trust Lisa to take care of me. She talked me through the whole thing and before I knew it, we were finished! I’m not from the Texas area and I was very touched when Lisa offered to help me find a colon therapist in my local area. She went above and beyond to help me through this whole experience. Her passion for helping people definitely shines through! I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you Lisa for all of your wonderful guidance! I truly appreciate it and am very glad we crossed paths.

Tiffany Griffen Love Thyself is truly a relaxing and restorative experience. Lisa is an extraordinarily knowledgeable healer with a solid foundation in this work. She really believes in the power of cleansing and detoxifying for better balance in body and mind. I’ve been a loyal client for several years now, and absolutely will continue to be, for colonic therapy as well as other detoxifying services that the spa offers. Life is infinitely better with Love Thyself!

Andre B. – Plano, TX My first time Colonic Therapy session at Love Thyself Day Spa, was an interesting experience. To be honest my Colonic was one of the greatest detox experiences I’ve ever had. The way my body and mind felt after my session, I can only describe as “clear”. I felt like my body just didn’t have to work as hard to do anything. My energy level was up that day, where in the past couple of weeks I had been feeling sluggish and fatigue. My body actually felt liter, as if I had lost quite a few pounds, I actually went out that same day and hit the gym, taking a few laps around the pool and the track. I tell all of my friends and family that they direly need to cleanse their colon now. Not only will your health and wellbeing benefit from a clean colon, your entire life will be enriched by Colon Hydrotherapy. I am greatful that I was introduced to Colon Therapy at Love Thyself Day Spa. Lisa provided me with the highest level of comfort and a excellent level of professionalism and health education throughout the entire cleansing process.

Elizabeth N. – McKinney, TX Love Thyself Day Spa is the best place to go in Dallas for colon therapy. Lisa is well-trained and very knowledgable. I had a series of sessions that lasted eight consecutive weeks and I found that I benefited physically and mentally from every session. Lisa is truly invested in the health of her clients. If you are ready to make big changes to improve your health, she’ll be right by you to support you and guide you. If you’re not ready for big changes but just want to do a little something nice for yourself, she’ll support you through that as well. She responds promptly to both calls and emails. I’m hooked and very grateful for her support!

Renee D. – Dallas, TX Beautiful spa, relaxing, very clean & comfortable. Today I had a massage & colonic and both far exceeded my expectations. The massage was the VERY BEST that I’ve ever had! I appreciated all the insight & tips on healthy living, which I will immediately begin to utilize in my life. The colon therapist, Lisa, is very professional, knowledgeable, and caring. I feel that she was absolutely MADE for what she does & is very passionate about helping people! I was at total ease with her competence, knowing I was in good hands the whole time, which is really important. I agree, people should not sweat the small stuff. I will be back and also recommend others.

Arian Archer Orlando I went to Lisa for colonics from a recommendation from my nutritionist because I was having some “digestive issues”. The first time I went, it took about three hours. Mainly because Lisa wanted make sure that I was comfortable and really understood the process. (which I appreciated, cause it can be awkward). After that, we decided to do a series of treatments to help correct the issues I was having. Each time, Lisa made sure that everything was extremely clean and that I was comfortable. After about three treatments, I started noticing changes in my bathroom times, (didn’t think you’d want to know the details!! lol) After the 6 treatments, I’m regular, and things move through without any problems! I feel TONS better and feel that it’s helping me with my health goals. I appreciated Lisa with her knowledge of nutrition and supplemental remedies, and of course, colonics. She has been nothing but professional and kind. I would highly recommend her to people with digestive problems, fibromyalgia, or any inflammatory issues. But, also anyone just looking for improvement in their health.

Joseph B. – Garland, TX This past summer I read about the huge benefits of colon cleansing and became interested in looking into my first colonic. I really wanted to do my body some good, but like most people who have never experienced this, I felt a little embarrassed and scared about the idea. At that point I wanted to do some more research and talk to some colonic therapist to hear from them what the experience would be like. I called several places and eventually came across Lisa with Love Thyself Day Spa. Over the phone, she explained the procedure and I felt very comfortable scheduling an appointment with her. The morning of my first session, I was really nervous but as soon as I arrived, the atmosphere in the spa was very relaxing and comforting. Lisa did an excellent job making me feel comfortable and was extremely professional. The session went very well, and I wondered why I was so nervous in the first place. I really began to realize that this is one of the best things I can do for myself. Afterwards, I felt amazing! Never in my life had I felt so clean and refreshed. As Lisa explained to me, its as if every cell in your body is rejuvenated. She was absolutely right! I have been back since and plan on getting a colonic done at least once a month. I would highly recommend having this done with Lisa at Love Thy Self. Your body will love you for it!

Vicki A. – Dallas I purchased a Groupon for a series of 3 Colon Hydrotherapy treatments. I have finished all 3. Lisa is very personable, knowledgeable and professional. Good hygiene and proper sanitizing is a TOP PRIORITY for her and the business. This is a Must for this type of service. Lisa will go the extra mile with you on educating with nutrition and healthy eating information – at no additional cost. She will even go grocery shopping with you if requested. It is important to her that you feel comfortable while receiving your treatments. All three treatments were comfortable and a pleasant experience which probably isn’t something you’d normally hear connected to this type of treatment. Being in the Holistic Health Care field myself, I do realize the importance and benefits of this type of service for promoting over all well being and good health as well as healing current digestion & elimination dysfunctions. Don’t be thrown off or put out with small things as it is the quality of the treatments and services that are important. The place is decorated nicely and feels good when you walk in. It is well kept, clean and has the ambiance a day spa should have. I will definitely use her services again and will recommend this place and Lisa to my friends and clients.

Andra Chapman At the suggestion of my nutritionist, I went to Lisa at Love Thyself for my first colon hydrotherapy session ever. As a fairly frequent spa-goer, I was expecting an in-and-out experience that lasted about 75-90 minutes, which I anticipated would include the initial consultation and 60 minutes of colon hydrotherapy. To my surprise and delight, I was there for about 3 hours. Two of those hours were spent talking with Lisa about the different aspects of my life, what brought me to her, my expectations, and anticipated results. Most importantly, she spent much of that time soothing my anxiety (which was fairly easy to do in the calming and clean atmosphere) and answering every single one of my questions. I found the colon hydrotherapy itself to be not quite so bad as I expected, but that may be mostly due to Lisa’s professional and expert mannerisms! I’m looking forward to visiting her again next week.

Helena A. – Dallas, TX Lisa, you are truly a life saver! I woke up feeling so relieved this morning – no longer painfully gassy, bloaty & constipated! I truly cannot thank you enough!!! Thanks for coming in on your day off to do the emergency colonic. That was amazing customer service on your part and because of you I feel incredible today! See you soon for my next appt.

Deborah Dishman I have been under Lisa’s care since September 2013 for colonics and for a diet and a herbal remedy program to improve digestion and overall health. Lisa is an expert on intestinal health and hygiene. She is highly experienced and formally trained in the Woods technique using gravity colon irrigation therapy, as opposed to using a machine with pressurized water. She also performs advanced colon treatments including herbal implants. I have also participated in her informative diet and raw cuisine classes.

Since I first arrived in Texas from NY last year, I have received excellent care at Love Thyself Day Spa . I have to admit that Lisa had high tolerance and took patience to get to know me and embraced my New York City ways. I found the quality of care with Lisa to far surpass my NY city experience! Lisa takes time to make sure the job is done to high standards while she educates you through the process.

Lisa always kept appointments and accommodated changes as needed. She was also very flexible in working with payment scheduling which was very kind. I hope to experience her massage soon and have heard good feedback on her massage technique from her other clients.

Update on Love thyself Day Spa: I just received a nice follow up message from Lisa to keep contact while I have been away for awhile. I intend to continue treatments and have enjoyed excellent lasting benefits from the care I received.

Hailey Nutt Lisa Is extremely friendly, positive and professional. She will listen and help you customize a plan to achieve your ultimate health goals! She provides knowledge and guidance and is very quick to respond to any questions or concerns. I recommend this spa to anyone looking for a positive place to reach your ultimate health!

Other Detoxification Experiences:

Cindy B. – Rowlett, TX I took a little wellness retreat for myself today – had the Ion Cleanse, Infrared Heat, Body Scrub and Lymphatic Massage. It was all just what I needed. Love Thyself was so thoughtful, knowing that I was doing a detox today, they had plenty of freshly made juices, green smoothies & raw foods available for me. They took care of me tremendously with such a rejuvenating experience, and even gave me a little parting gift on the way out. Love Thyself Day Spa is now my retreat spot, my little personal getaway. Thanks for taking great care of me!

Erin C. – Dallas, TX Did a parasite & candida cleanse, customized to my needs and busy life. I could not have chosen a better spa, nor better professionals, to work with me. And the results were amazing!

Love Thyself Day Spa