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Community Involvement & Recognition


Love Thyself Day Spa is committed to having an ongoing presence in the local and national communities.  One of the ways in which we are involved is through our educational programs for life enhancement.  If you would like to request a public speaker from our spa, or if we can assist you as a team with any particular project or event, just contact our spa director for details and let us know what you have in mind.

Our activities, awards & honors are also sometimes captured in the press as indicated below.


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Best of 2013 Day Spa Award – Richardson Award Program

Featured In:

Day Spa Magazine – December 2013 – “Mini But Mighty” – as related to mini spa treatments
Les NouvellesEsthétiques& Spa (LNEOnline.com) – June 2014 – “Fighting Cellulite” – as related to detoxification baths
Les NouvellesEsthétiques& Spa (LNEOnline.com) – December 2014 – “Detox Guide: Detox Waterworks” – as related to hydrotherapy
Les NouvellesEsthétiques& Spa (LNEOnline.com) – December 2015 – “Gut Health Guide: From The Inside Out” – as related to colon therapy & colon implants


(Currently being updated.)

Various Health Events Sponsored by Love Thyself Wellness Institute (2002-present)
Various Community Events Sponsored by Others Not Listed (2002-present)
Kwanzafest (multiple years 2005 to present)
National Black Expo 2006
Friendship West Baptist Church (annual health conferences)
Concord Baptist Church (health fairs)
NBC-Channel 5 Health-Fit Expo 2007
White Linen Affair 2009
No Limit Women’s Expo 2009
Healthy Living Expo 2010
City of Richardson Health Fair 2012
Natural HealthFest-Plano 2013 & 2014
Black Vegetarian Society Meat-Out (multiple years)


Love Thyself Day Spa cares about its community and takes great pride in contributing to worthy causes of local nonprofit organizations in a variety of ways.  We are honored to be involved and feel that it is our duty to help make a difference in our community.  As much as we would like to, however, due to the volume of requests, we cannot accommodate each & every one.  The order of priority that we have established in donating is as follows:

  1. Love Thyself Wellness Institute, our own charitable 501(c)3 organization whose purpose is to increase the knowledge of holistic health disease prevention in professionals and the community as a whole, while creating a sense of responsibility and volunteerism, and to provide wellness services to families, primarily women & girls, experiencing major health issues or traumatic life-threatening circumstance.  We donate at least 5% of our profits to this cause.
  2. To those who support us in our business, namely, charities that our clients are involved in.
  3. To those who serve in our business, namely, charities that our employees are involved in.
  4. To those who have consistently contributed to and supported our nonprofitorganization, Love Thyself Wellness Institute.
  5. General community nonprofit organizations focused upon the health of body, mind,and spirit.

To be eligible for contributions, organizations must:

  1. Have a 501(c)3 nonprofit status with the IRS.*
  2. Benefit local communities served by Love Thyself Day Spa.
  3. Demonstrate sound and responsible financial policies and management.
  4. Be willing to support & promote the success of Love Thyself Day Spa so that we may be able to do more for the community.

(*Note: Organizations not having a 501(c)3 status but are working collaboratively with  a 501(c)3 organization can work through that organization to apply for an in-kind donation.  However, these donations are very limited and additional paperwork may be required.)

Causes that we give to:  primarily women’s health & wellbeing issues, including domestic violence & other abuse, youth-related health matters (more emphasis is placed upon programs for girls), as well as men’s health concerns.

Examples of past recipients:  women’s health organizations, battered women’s & other shelters, health & women’s ministries, children’s schools & organizations as it relates to health.


Application Procedures:

  1. On the organization’s letterhead or by email, please give a brief description of the event, the organization, its purpose, date & type of event, number of attendees expected, the number        of people who will benefit from our donation (if different from those attending), as well as the specific contribution that you would like for us to make, monetary or in-kind, and please        be very specific.  Let us know the purpose of the donation and how the needs of the community are being addressed.  You may include any other information that you would like for us      to know in making our decision.  And, of course, this letter should also include the contact person’s name, phone number(s), and email address.
  2. Attach a copy of the organization’s 501(c)3 tax identification, its brochure, event flyer, informational packet, or any other literature that you deem appropriate to help us get to know your organization better.
  3. Complete the Charitable Giving & Request Form online or send it to us via fax or mail.

All information must be submitted at least 60 days prior to your event to ensure that Love Thyself Day Spa has ample time process your request and to guarantee that you receive a response in a timely manner.  After all of the above steps have been taken, you may contact us via phone or email to make sure that we have received your information.  We will do all that we can to respond as promptly as possible to your request.  After reviewing the materials, we will contact you with our decision and, if approved, supply the necessary details of how to pick up the donation, along with some of our company marketing materials, and also a copy of our logo to use on fundraising collateral materials, or you may download our official logo.

Please send all materials to Love Thyself Day Spa, c/o Charitable Requests, P.O. Box 83-2883, Richardson, Texas, 75083, or by email to contributions@lovethyselfdayspa.com.

Thank you for your application.  We wish you all the best in your efforts to help the community.

Love Thyself Day Spa

Love Thyself Day Spa