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“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”  —  George Bernard Shaw     473X314

Let us take you on a journey to discover and heal from self limiting beliefs, habits and experiences that hinder your health and wellbeing.  If you want to make some serious changes in your life, take back control or merely de-stress, then hypnotherapy (“hypnosis”) can work for you, thereby increasing your life’s potential & optimal health.

What is Hypnosis?  Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness that has been practiced for thousands of years and approved by the American Medical Association as a viable healthcare practice since 1958.  Sometimes described as a trance, hypnosis is really just a state of heightened concentration, creating an alpha or beta wave state in the brain similar to that right before you fall asleep, or the “zoning out” that can occur when one is fully absorbed in an activity like reading, driving, exercising or watching a film or television.  The person being hypnotized remains in full control of all thoughts and actions, yet experiences a deep state of relaxation in the mind and body.

How does Hypnosis Work?  Hypnosis occurs when the conscious mind retreats and relaxes, allowing the subconscious mind with its storehouse of memories, instincts and emotions to surface.  Prompted by techniques designed to put the normally guarded conscious mind at rest, a person will feel very at ease physically yet fully awake mentally.  While in this state of deep concentration, the client is highly responsive to suggestion, allowing the hypnotherapist to beneficially change the core beliefs and attitudes that affect behavior.  Hypnotherapy can help in many of life’s situations, such as:

Weight Control Sales or Work Enhancement
Smoking Session Personal Growth/Self Discovery
Pain Management Increased Creativity
Stress, Anxiety & Depression Past Life Regression
Anger Management Health-Related Issues
Self Confidence & Esteem Sleep Disorders
Fear/Phobia Release Abuse Recovery
Concentration/Memory Recall Loss/Grief/Trauma
Public Speaking Dream Interpretation
Negative Thinking & Limited Beliefs Learning Enhancement
Organization/Time Management Childbirth/Surgical/Dental Support
Sports Performance & so much more!!!

What is the Cost of Hypnosis?  We offer Hypnosis in a variety of ways: 1) Individual Sessions, 2) Group Workshops, 3) Speaking Engagements, and 4) HypnoMassage.  Please contact us for details on pricing for group events.  Package pricing and payment plans are available for individuals.

Individual Sessions (up to 1-1/2 hrs) – $185

Transformation HypnoMassage – One of our exclusive signature treatments, this life-changing therapy integrates Bonsaimassage with therapeutic hypnotic suggestions for increased relaxation and well-being, thereby inviting both the mind & body to participate in the healing process.  With such a profound deep state of relaxation, the subconscious mind is more aware and open to powerful therapeutic suggestions, allowing the body to bring to surface, communicate and release underlying physical or emotional blockages stored within the body as negative cellular memory.  Ultimately, limiting conditions, beliefs, attitudes & behaviors change, enabling one to live a more healthy, balanced and enriched life.  Prior to the session, we conduct a mini interview to determine a client’s specific needs and possible benefits that can be derived from HypnoMassage.  At all times, as with any other relaxing spa treatment, the client is aware and in control.

1-1/2 hr – $215

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